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KBC Check lottery online:

KBC is an Indian presentation of the leading online game show. The KBC show is rank on a universal uncertainty show “Who wants to be a millionaire” which was easily reached by well-known actor Amitabh Buchan, and stable in 2000. It is a simple show that communicates a performing monument, and also supplies ornamental correlate. In this amazing perception show, the applicant toggles off with abrupt query at the first phase of KBC, but as they move at the front position the questions, make be additional touchy. If KBC lovers want to get part in KBC check Lottery online, by appointment or call, they can get a contribution to the Kaun Bange CarorPati show.

KBC modus operandi details for the applicant:


Followers of the people who ended a qualification quiz are unlocked at the beginning of every season. Contestants would be sent a premium-rate SMS to a chosen number and answer a question by answering.

Fastest Finger First:

The chosen contestants are then elated to the studio to participate the fastest finger first, where they will be questioned to place four answers into the designated order in the straight quantity of time.

Main gameplay:

After significant the fastest finger first, they would crossroads the Hot seat with well-known Host Amitabh Bachanto twitch answering a series of multiple-choice questions on their method to win the cash prize as define in the board specified by KBC management.

KBC Lottery 2020

How to apply for KBC lottery winner  through IVR (Interactive Voice Response):

KBC conformist lots of facilities for KBC fan. Anybody can contribute to this amazing show by SMS, call, interactive voice response (IVR), and through the sony liv app.

  • To hold back your reply through IVR, dial 5052525, and then for selection A push /01, For option B dial /02, for selection C dial /03, for option D dial four.
  • You will be inquisitive about your favored language variety English and Hindi.
  • The organization will ask you about your age, femininity, inner bound your age, type it inside.
  • The call will end with a thank you note or playback choice.

kbc lottery winner 2020 cheque

The philosophy of the KBC show:

KBC is a notable show which provides the best enjoyment and also supports ornamental information. Is also flexibility a chance to meet their desired celebrities at the KBC platform? The KBC show is stuck on edginess, animation, self-assurance, and agreeable, shipping all day with its pioneering stories of distinct class, phase, position, or profession.

The supplies of the followers satisfying remote higher than the ground as KBC rotate out to be a high-flying show of all regarding the sphere. One and everybody want to expose the possibility of this spectacular family show. KBC mark the meet with all the link of India and pull together a brawny collection, which is in effort on the expansion of the trendy show.

How to play KBC Online or Off-line for you’re relieved:

Dear Lovers of KBC, go next to the rules, which are accurate underneath to take the division in the KBC game show. By following rules and regulations, you can engage yourself in KBC Lottery winner, KBC lucky draw, and online play-along game.

  • When you let loose the game, you will be in a development on the main question dependably. The question is an underpinning on the data of all series. If you will respond to the correct question is through one of the 4 particular choices, it will obtain 1000 RS.
  • As your endowment answers exact more and more questions, with every question the cash, will be twice.
  • You can use one of the four standard deliverance if you need aid at any point.
  • This lifeline included in Phone a buddy, audience poll, 50/50, go round over the question and asks for the expert.
  • At any mark all through the game, you can regulate the volume level for the game.
  • If you think that you cannot play this game complimentary, you can spring back it at any slant.
  • KBC providing its all figures for your calm.
  • By connecting with our KBC Helpline Number, You can look for all in sequence concerning offline and online KBC games.

You can also meet any kind of information regarding KBC Lottery Winner, KBC lucky draw, KBC participations, and many more by just 1 text at our KBC head office number Kolkata or also through our KBC official number.

Publication of Play-Along winner’s name:

In the KBC show, the person’s name of the lucky 10 winners is announced each day. There are ten names in the addressees, who help all the roles, which are fitted in the top 10. The naming list is being based on the points of the candidate. The name of 50 plays along the defeater is exposed 5 days a week.

If you’re concerned to play KBC Play along with the game, then you have to download the sony Live app on your mobile. The indistinguishable questions that Amitabh Buchan inquires the challenger sitting on the hot seat, you will see the similar question on your mobile display. The unique obsession for play along players is that if you give an incorrect answer to a question, then your points will not be decreased. So, if you want to join in KBC play along, download the app and get a grand chance to become the KBC Season 11 winner.

KBC Scammers

safety measures to protect yourself from Scammers:

Dear users of KBC if you attain any call regarding LBC lucky winner or if they explain to you that you enumerate in KBC Lottery winner, and question you to pay some money or visit the winner’s website. In these circumstances, you should call at KBC head office number Kolkata, and you have to follow some company rules.

  • Defend yourself from these scammers, and come on to our Platform as we’re legal and trusted KBC Lucky winner.
  • If anyone said you to add any charges, or whatever till you verify from the KBC Head office number, you should not deposit anything.
  • Be aware of scam people’s calls/messages, and if you have innate then ignore them.
  • KBC is available in all sim cards of India. if you attribute any offending, about your lottery or partaking, you can moreover call us at our KBC official number.

KBC Head Office Number:  0019152084400

KBC Whatsapp Number:     00917254038004