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Kbc Lottery winner is providing lucky draw 2020 all over India sim card competition. Call to KBC head office number to get informed about your lottery winner prize 25 lakh. Once you get your lottery number you can contact to kbc lottery winner office for the general inquiries.

Good News for KBC Lottery lovers, Now KBC Start the audition process for the 11th season of KBC Lottery Online 2020. You Can also check your KBC Lottery Status Online without any difficulty. Now we have developed a powerful setup for our KBC Lovers to assist them with the kbc official helpline number. Our KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number provides you information which will you require about your KBC Lottery Number, KBC Lucky Draw, KBC Lottery Vodafone, KBC Airtel Lottery & also about all India sim card competition. The new KBC Department has been developed to assist all KBC winners 2020 Online.

Kbc Lottery Winner 2020

Our Kbc Lottery winner also helps you simply claim their KBC Lucky Draw prize money easily. Also, our official KBC Helpline number for kbc lottery winner 2020 35 lakh is available here to call us at any time for any question. We are here to serve you. We Develop all this system to save you from scam calls, There are many scammers, Who can call or send sms on your KBC Sim card or on KBC Whatsapp Number related to lottery number and demand you to deposit some money in their bank accounts. Moreover, if you want to ask anything about the KBC lucky draw and kbc lottery ticket, then only visit our website and our contact number for help.

KBC Lottery 2020

KBC lottery winner 2020 25 lakh list

Now kbc lottery winner 2020 25 lakh list you don’t need to buy KBC Lottery ticket Online, Because now all india sim cards are now connected with KBC So, keep recharging your sim and get more chances to win the KBC Lucky Draw onlineonly you have to buy a sim card and keep recharging it you should be the next lucky man for the next lucky draw. Offering you the biggest prize kbc lucky draw 25 lakh in the history of KBC, Any Indian Citizen can be a part of this popular game show. It’s Good News for all the kbc Indian lovers candidates that the KBC lucky draw winners online will be held twice every month.

kbc lottery winner 2020 cheque

KBC lottery winner WhatsApp call 2020

KBC lottery winner WhatsApp call 2020 (Kaun Banega Crore Pati) announces Whatsapp Lucky Draw OR Imo Lucky Draw in season 11 of KBC 2020. Now you can win Lot of Prizes and become a Lucky Winner of KBC Season 11 2020. To Become a KBC Whatsapp lucky draw winner 2020 you have to keep recharging your KBC Sim card more recharge can give you more chances to win Imo Lucky Draw 2020. Because now all your kbc sim cards are now connected with KBC Official Department.

KBC Lottery Winner List 2020

Now you can Check KBC Lottery Number Online here easily without any difficulty, We also upload the KBC Winners List 2020 daily on our this KBC Official Platform. If You receive a lottery number on your Whatsapp,imo or mobile and want to check your KBC Lottery number status online then don’t worry visit our website and enter your lottery number and phone number to check KBC Lottery status online for free you can also call us on our KBC Official Whatsapp number 00917254038004 Or KBC Official helpline number 0019152084400  To check your lottery status For Free. You can also check here the top lottery winners Name and their lottery winner prizes here we updated this on daily basis for your assistance. The top five lottery winners names and their lottery prizes are here:

  • MR. SOM PRAKASH SONI Winning Amount ₹ 25,00,000 Winning Date 04 June 2020.
  • MR. NISHAT SORAN Winning Amount ₹ 25,00,000 Winning Date 04 June 2020.
  • MRS. SHAHANA Winning Amount ₹ 25,00,000 Winning Date 04 June 2020.
  • MR.ANIL KUMAR Winning Amount ₹ 25,00,000 Winning Date 04 June 2020.
  • Mr & Mrs. Keshava Bhat Winning Amount ₹ 25,00,000 Winning Date 04 June 2020.

KBC lottery winner list 2020

Beware of KBC lottery winner list 2020 fake calls, Nowadays KBC Lovers are receiving many fake SMS or calls related to lottery numbers on Whatsapp or mobile number. If you receive any call or SMS about lottery number then, Firstly Confirm Your Lottery Number on our officially registered website because due to the charming personality of Amitab Bachan and KBC Show Famous increasing day by day lot of scammers are trying to fraud with KBC lovers to increase their account balance rapidly, Many fake calls are received from Pakistani numbers 00923***** or +923*****. If you receive any call from out of country numbers immediately inform us at our KBC Head Office Number 0019152084400.

KBC Scammers

Now we established the best and powerful system to save KBC Lovers from fraud calls if you receive any fake call or SMS related to lottery number inform us immediately on our officially registered Whatsapp so we can take action against these scammers. Before calling us confirm first that you are calling on our KBC Official Registered Helpline Number:

KBC Head Office Number:  0019152084400

KBC Whatsapp Number:     00917254038004