Winner of KBC 1 crore talks about working 8 hours for Rs 20,000

Everyone has at least one fantasy that involves them becoming wealthy. ‘In 2023, Kaun Banega Crorepati’ is one of the most TRP shows on Indian television. The megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s show, which he hosts, has been responsible for some of the most emotionally charged moments ever broadcast on Indian television. KBC Lottery 2023 got huge success because of the big prizes that has been distributed.

Big B’s appealing camaraderie with the participants is a large part of the reason why the programme has been regularly winning followers with each episode. Despite the fact that the show has been consistently winning followers with each episode, A significant number of participants on the show are known for discussing some of the most life-changing experiences they’ve had throughout their time there.
The first crorepati of “KBC: Season 14” was announced in the previous week’s episode. Kavita Chawla, a housewife from Kolhapur, was the first participant in the 14th season to win the grand prize of one crore rupees (Rs 1 crore). As a result of her victory, Chawla was eligible to move on to the following round, which included a prize of Rs. 7.5 crore. However, Chawla made the decision to walk away from the programme and take the one crore rupee prize instead.

It appears that the audience has taken a liking to Kavita as a result of her interaction with Big B. Following her victory, Kavita shared with Big B that the amount of Rs 3,20,000 was the most money she had ever earned in her entire life. The woman, who is now 41 years old, shared with the presenter that the victory made her feel sentimental, and she recalled the times when she would toil away at her sewing machine for more than eight hours only to make Rs 20.

During the show, Kavita also discussed her son with the audience. She claimed that her son, who is 22 years old and a practical joker, would frequently pull a prank on her by calling her and making her think that she had received a call from KBC. When Kavita actually got a call from ‘KBC,’ she added that she initially felt it was a joke being played on her by her son.

During one of their other interactions, Bachchan inquired about Chawla’s playing from the perspective of Chawla’s father. In response, her father shared that he was overjoyed to hear the news. At this point in their conversation, Kavita told them about the time in her life when her father forbade her to continue her education after she had completed Class 10. You can participate in KBC Lottery Online by calling this Head Office number 0019152084400.

There was a point when my father did not want me to continue my education after the tenth standard. He believed that I had completed enough schooling and that it was time for me to get married and concentrate on the responsibilities of running a household. On the episode, Kavita was heard saying, “But my teachers came and convinced him, and then I could study further.” She also disclosed that she improved herself by reading the books that belonged to her kid.
The answer to the Rs 7.5 crore question, which led to Chawla’s decision to walk away from the competition, is given below.

Which team was Gundappa Vishwanath’s opponent when he made his first-class debut and scored a double century, making him the first Indian to accomplish such a feat? A. Services, B. Andhra, C. Maharashtra, and D. Saurashtra were the choices that could be made. After Chawla exited the game, she made a guess that the answer was “Services,” but the right answer was actually “Andhra.”
The most recent episode of the show was especially enjoyable to watch thanks to Chawla’s upbeat demeanour and Big B’s endearing banter with her.

Big B Jokes About Being Beaten At This Age

When Amitabh Bachchan asked Kavita if she actually beats her son with the belan or if she just runs around him with it in her hand to scare him, both the contestant and her son said that he gets beaten quite frequently. Amitabh Bachchan posed the question to Kavita in the context of a question about whether or not she scares her son with the belan. The son continued by saying, “Even though I’m 22 years old, I still get beat up.” Become a KBC Lottery Winner and win 7.5 crore amount so you can enjoy your life and become independent.
Big B made a joke after hearing his admission of guilt and said, “Sir ye koi buri baat nahi hai, mai bataun aapko? (Please allow me to assure you, sir, that this is not at all something to be concerned about.) Even at this advanced age, I am subjected to physical abuse.”
In the episode that airs tonight, Kavita Chawla will be seen attempting the jackpot question, which is worth 7.5 crore rupees, and she will win 1 crore rupees.

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