Shyam Sunder Paliwal Motivational Story Who Winner KBC Lottery

The extremely popular reality TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by the Bollywood veteran superstar Amitabh Bachchan is still keeping alive the work of fulfilling dreams of deserving people this season. Every season we see people come and play against the superstar and leave with big amounts they intend to utilize for competing long kept wishes. If you participate in season 13 you may become a kbc lottery winner 2022.

One thing that really motivates the people is the motivational stories they get to listen to and experience every now and then of people struggling with social and mental problems which can mostly be overcome by money on its on. Play All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition so you can change your life and become financially independent. Sometimes it gives goose bumps to people and motivates them on their social responsibilities of extending a helping hand to the people in need while at other times it motivates them to work hard and prepare so they can also try to participate on the show in hope of changing their lives and coming out of the misery they are in.

One such story was that of Shyam Sunder Paliwal. He is a well-known social activist in India who has also won a Padma Shri award winner. He made many eyes wet of tears when he shared his painful and motivational story.

He had a very tough life unknown to most of the people who had better childhoods. He had to grow up alone without the warm support and love of his mother which grows a crucial part in shaping our lives. His mother died when he was only 6 years old. This type of mishaps really negatively affect the young mind of a 6 year old. But his hardships didn’t stop. When he was 11, he dropped out of school and had to work at a marble factory to provide for himself and his family. This pains people as it is a hard sight seeing some children going out to play with their friends after coming back home while other less blessed have to indulge in child labor to provide for their family.

But he still worked hard and became council head of the Piplantri village of Rajasthan. He got married at 23 and was blessed with 2 daughters and a son. Things were good at home and he never thought much of the social and ecological problems of his village. People shamed him of having daughters in his village but he still loved them and cherished their existence. But he was really heartbroken when his elder daughter, Kiran, died at 16 years old due to dehydration. His life fell apart and he had no idea of what he will do to cope up with his hardships.

But its his motivational story that inspires people. Rather than staying at home drowning in the apin of the demise of his beloved daughter. He decided to plant trees in his village which had gotten barren due to excessive mining causing droughts which in turn caused the death of is daughter of dehydration. He also started teaching people of how daughters are a big blessing and how people show cherish them rather than cursing their birth. He needed the money and KBC provided it. Because people don’t highly participate in social causes and don’t contribute much in the goodwill.

KBC again serves as beacon of light in the dark world to help good causes to make a change in lives touching more to do good and contribute in good causes.

Now he have enough money and after sharing his story on national television on the popular platform, people pop up all the time to help him financially and physically in his great cause. He vows to plant 11 trees every time a girl is born in his village to kill two birds with one stone. This educates people to cherish their daughters band also take care of their environment in order to secure the futures of their children by protecting the environment.

The platform of KBC is truly a great place that motivates people at all levels of life to work hard to achieve their dreams while also educating them so that they don’t forget about the good social causes after becoming successful so that they also contribute in good causes as we can find people all around us needing our help regarding something which could be something nominal or something of great social importance.