Online KBC Registration

The registration process for the Online KBC Game and other lotteries has been simplified by KBC since they are now registered with every SIM in India. Consequently, all SIM owners from India are participants in the KBC lottery. This gives an equal chance for the poor to participate in KBC’s lucky draw, and win exciting prizes. The program has been initiated to support the needy, and poverty-stricken population of India.

KBC Lottery Registration

The entire registration process is handled at our end which means customers are self-registered in this lottery and don’t have to worry about filling extra forms or providing their details. All they have to do is get hold of a registered SIM, and ensure it stays active most of the time. They must also make sure they recharge their SIMS periodically. KBC Registration Online has opened for all indian people and  you can register yourself now.

A great way to increase their chances of winning the KBC WhatsApp lottery is by keeping their SIM recharged regularly. Prizes can go up to 60,000,000 based on the regularity of recharging your registered SIM card. Through this lottery, you get a chance to win exciting cash prizes twice a month!

Winners Announcements for All India Sim Card Lucky Draw

Watch out for scammers since it has been brought to our attention that people are receiving texts, and WhatsApp messages informing them of winning the KBC lottery and asking them to deposit money into the sender’s account. In addition to this, these scammers have also stolen and misused the sensitive data of KBC participants.

The winners of the Online KBC Game are updated through a text message or a WhatsApp message on their registered mobile numbers. They will be notified about their lottery number which can be used to look up winners on KBC’s official website. All India Sim Card Lucky Draw registration is open for all the people who are living in india.

Since the lottery winners are announced twice a month, the winners are announced quite frequently. Hence, you must stay updated with the latest announcements, and updates about KBC. One way to stay tuned with the latest announcements regarding the All India SIM card Lucky Draw is regularly checking our website. Here we post the latest news, updates, and information regarding KBC lucky draws, and other lotteries

Instant cash

Stay Protected from Scams

KBC advises all participants to notify their head office immediately in case of receiving suspicious texts, emails, or WhatsApp messages from unknown sources. Customers can reach out to KBC through their head office contact information:

WhatsApp Number: 0019152084400

KBC Head Office: 0019152084400

Contact us using the information given above, and our agents will assist you in the best possible way, and make sure you stay protected from scammers. We’re available 24/7 which means you can get in touch with us at any time, and we will be ready to answer all your queries and provide you with the latest information regarding the KBC lottery.