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We are extremely excited to announce that KBC Season 13 is rolling out soon, with exciting new opportunities and surprises! KBC offered Rana Pratap Singh to host its previous season, KBC Season 13 will also be hosted by Rana Pratap Singh, which is an exciting announcement for his fans! Check Kbc lottery winner Number Online 2023 official portal is available on this website.

Kaun Banega Karorpati is a famous game show based on multiple-choice questions. The show was hosted by the well-known Bollywood Actor, Amitabh Bachan, but the host title has now been handed over to Rana Pratap Singh. KBC is also running a lottery which is known as the KBC lottery. The lottery doesn’t involve complicated registration processes.


All SIM holders from India are atomically registered with KBC’s lottery. Since KBC Lottery is a self-registering game, even the poor, who are deprived of their necessities, can participate and get a chance to win amazing prizes! The program originally intended to give a chance to the poverty-stricken population to change their lives.


 Show’s host It has been brought to our attention that Rana Pratap Singh KBC will be the famous game

KBC Lottery 2023

KBC’s 13th Season is going to be held in 2023. KBC Authority updates the list of winners quite frequently, with hundred new winners announced every day. The winner’s record is updated regularly on their official website. The winner’s title, along with other specifications are published on the website daily. These records are the key to maintaining a transparent system. The winner listing is the most authentic source to find the winners for the latest lottery.

Scammers and Fraud cases

These messages are usually received from suspicious sources and unknown numbers. We have also discovered Pakistani numbers that are being used to exploit customers. To identify these numbers, watch out for their country code. These numbers usually have the codes +92, or +93, at the beginning. 

The rising fame of the KBC lottery has also led to an increase in scams, and fraud cases. Criminal associations are involved in spreading false information about famous game show. In addition to this, they disperse in several forms, sending unauthentic texts, emails, and even WhatsApp messages to participants, asking them for their sensitive data, as well as demanding people for the deposition of money in their accounts. KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2023 is a very useful and authentic way to verify your lottery from kbc head office.

Protect yourself from Scams through kbc check lottery online

On receiving suspicious messages, phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp messages, make sure you get in touch with KBC Head Office Immediately. You can avoid scammers through kbc online lottery check. One of our representatives will be at your service and answer all your questions, and queries. KBC is known for their excellent customer services and support representatives. 

Another safety precaution you could take is to keep your private information to yourself. On receiving any text message, call, or email asking for your information, or to deposit money in your account, do not reveal any sensitive data, and refrain from responding to these suspicious messages. You can contact any time at KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2023 Whatsapp Number 0019152084400.

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Get in Touch with KBC Head Office Today

Have you got questions regarding the KBC competition? Are you confused about how you can register yourself for their upcoming lottery and online KBC game? Regardless of what query you have, where you’re calling from, or what time you are reaching out, our representative will always be at your service! Our Head Office is active 24/7 to assist customers. Here are KBC’s contact details:

Phone Number: 0019152084400

Reaching out to KBC’s head office has become much easier since you can now get in touch with us via our WhatsApp number which is given below:

WhatsApp Number: 0019152084400

Rana Pratap Singh’s Contact Information is also given below:

  • KBC Number +19152084400 ( Lottery Inquiry )
  • WhatsApp Number 0019152084400