Jio KBC Lottery Winner

Kaun Banega Crorepati launched the Live Jio KBC Lottery Winner competition with the sponsorship of the Jio Network. Prior to this competition, the KBC Ghar Bethay Jeeto jackpot was running. KBC fans could only win up to 1 lakh in the KBC Ghar Bethay Jeeto jackpot. But after the sponsorship of the Jio network Kbc lottery winner, KBC turned its Ghar Bethay Jeetu segment into JIO KBC lottery winners.

Jio KBC Lottery Winner 2023
Jio 2021 KBC Lottery Winners offers you a great platform to play the KBC lottery online and win cash prizes. All Indian mobile phone Sims are already registered in the Kaon Banega Crorepati lottery game. If you have received a message on your WhatsApp number or account telling you that you won 25 Lakhs Jio KBC Lottery Winners, please check your lottery first and then pay the tax amount.

If you want to play the Jio KBC lottery, simply contact us at the WhatsApp number of the KBC headquarters, 0019152084400.

Jio KBC 2021 lottery winners list
No. Lottery Winner Jio KBC Quantity Lottery Number Whatsapp Winner
1 Mr. Prabhakar Pujari 55.00.000 0150 986 ****** 722
2 Ms. Sandhaya PK 35.00.000 5588702 ****** 194
3 Mr. Suraj 55.00.000 4141914 ****** 929
4 Ms. Soni Lohchab 25.00.000 0044 830 ****** 482
5 Mr. Harjinder Singh 35.00.000 7788752 ****** 012
6 Ms. Dakshina Jana 25.00.000 8991967 ****** 101
Jio KBC 2021 lottery winners list today
Mr. Prafull R Pande Prize Amount 25 Lakh Award Date Oct 2, 2023.
Mr Babu Lal Won Amount 25 Lakh Win Date Oct 02, 2023.
Ms. Vidhya won the amount 25 lakh Victory date October 2, 2023.
Mr. Dinakarasu Manjamuthu Prize Amount 25 Lakh Award Date 02 Oct 2023.
Ms. Shruti won the amount 25 lakh Victory Date October 2, 2023
Mr Dipankar Won Amount 25 Lakh Victory Date Oct 2, 2023.
Ms. Sakshi Vaidya Prize Amount 25 Lakh Date she won on October 2, 2023.
KBC lottery number verification online 2023 Jio
In 2021, we will prove to our customers KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2023 Jio Platform that most people automatically win the KBC lottery upon receiving a message through their number or WhatsApp number. But if you haven’t reviewed your lottery yet, you can review your lottery by entering your number and lottery number on this form.

If you do not have a lottery number, please contact the WhatsApp number of KBC headquarters, which is now 0019152084400

When did Jio KBC Lottery Winner start?
In 2018, all numbers will be automatically registered in the KBC Jio lottery game. The winners of the KBC lottery will receive a cash prize of Rs 25 lakhs which will be paid to the winner from the KBC main office. You can withdraw this cash by paying the tax amount applicable to the Indian government income tax.

How do I get my KBC lottery ticket number?
All Indians can register for Jio KBC 2021 Lottery and become millionaires. Purchase your KBC lottery ticket number by contacting our KBC headquarters at 0019152084400

If you have any questions about the KBC lottery number, our KBC supervisor Rana Pratab Singh is always available to help you win money. Rana Pratab Singh’s KBC supervisor’s WhatsApp number is 0019152084400.

KBC Official Website
KBC official website has all the information about Jio KBC 2021 Lottery and KBC 2021 Lottery Number Verification online verification process. People can also register for the KBC lottery and get KBC lottery ticket number at KBC headquarters. Just dial the WhatsApp number of KBC Jio Head Office 0019152084400.

Some websites are fake and give you false information about KBC 2021 lottery. If you want more information about the KBC official website or the 2021 lottery, please call KBC Jio Head Office on WhatsApp number 0019152084400 on your phone.

KBC Hotline WhatsApp Number
Most of the people ask questions that are false or real from KBC Jio Lottery. We provide you with authentic information that the KBC lottery winner is real. Some people work poorly and give you false proof that they won the KBC 2021 lottery Kbc check lottery online. If you receive calls or messages of this type, please contact us through our WhatsApp number from the KBC helpline.

The WhatsApp number for the KBC helpline is 0019152084400. Give us a call and let us know who will give you information on the status of lottery winnings.