Jio Lottery Winner

Kbc lottery winner India’s first-ever game show, KBC has gained a lot of fame and appreciation from fans in India, as well as foreign countries. The game show has the highest TRP Rating and gives customers a chance to win exciting cash prizes. Under the main game show that is hosted by Bollywood’s favorite actor, Amitabh Bachan, participants answer a series of multiple-choice questions. They receive cash prizes based on the type of question and number of correct responses.

KBC has also introduced its JIO Lottery, a scheme under which a limited number of winners is selected and rewarded a cash prize of 25 lakhs. For any queries regarding the JIO lottery, you can contact the JIO head office. You can reach out to their representatives if you’re facing any issues with the registration, or winners, or the JIO draw in general.

KBC is registered with all SIM cards in India, meaning the WhatsApp lottery 25 lakh 2022 will be selected from all over India rather than a limited number of contestants. The famous lottery will also be a great chance for the poorer population to take part in a life-changing with the possibility of winning an exciting cash prize!

The cash prizes for the lottery start from a high amount, i.e. 25 lakhs, and can go up to 60,000,000 jackpot in some cases. The key is to keep your SIM cards recharged regularly. Under the program, you have two opportunities to win each month, either on the 16th or the 29th. This means KBC lottery winners are announced frequently? But where do you get the details about the JIO lottery winner 2022? The winners list, along with other information about the winners are uploaded on KBC’s official website.

The registration for KBC’s JIO lottery for 2022 is starting soon. The game is a fairly simple one. The host questions you, and the prize is based on the correct number of responses. The new season is set to begin in 2022. It will be KBC’s 13th Season, filled with surprises for contestants, as well as marking its 13-year success.

KBC’s largest draw is its WhatsApp lottery, which has gained immense support, and appreciation from people all over India. To enter this contest, all you need is a registered and active SIM Card which you will need to recharge regularly.

JIO Head Office Details

To access the most recent winners list, you can either check our website where we offer the latest updates regarding KBC, or you could contact the JIO Head Office for further information regarding KBC winners, lotteries, the latest news, and other updates.

KBC Head office details are listed below:

Phone Number: 0019152084400

WhatsApp Number: 0019152084400

Watch out for JIO Scams

Various fake messages have been circulating via WhatsApp, phone calls, and even text messages. These messages are sent to people under the names of Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, MD. Or Vijay Kumar, and even other recognized officials. On receiving a text message regarding the 25 lakh lottery, you must first confirm whether the message is authentic, or sent from a suspicious source.

The reason for this is, scammers and fraudulent people are misusing these names to steal the private information of customers. They have also been demanding customers to deposit money into their accounts. Beware of such scammers because we have discovered several fraudulent cases over the past few months,

We are trying our best to ensure our valued customers stay safe and precautious. We advise you to get in touch with our head office as soon as a suspicious message, or phone call is received.