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A KBC participant tells Big B about how a train ride transformed his life

During the fourteenth season of “Kaun Banega Crorepati,” the scriptwriter Vikram Khurrana, who is 35 years old, shared with megastar and show host Amitabh Bachchan how riding in a local train influenced his outlook on life and motivated him to become a screenplay.
Vikram, who is originally from Mumbai, started his job in finance at a young age due of his father’s declining health. However, a moment that occurred to him when he was riding in a local train entirely transformed him, and he decided to switch his profession.

He explained, “In the past, I would ride the train that departed from Kandivali station at 9:02 in the morning.” If I were to miss that train, my boss would have some harsh words for me to hear. Because of this, I would always make an effort to catch that train, even though there was already no room inside; consequently, I would always find myself standing at the entrance. At 9:02 in the morning, as I was making my way to the workplace, I realized that I was not at all pleased, and I heard a voice within me saying, “I need change.”

He went on to explain how he had come to the conclusion that if he was not going to make a career shift, he would continue to exclusively take local trains. You can win up to 7.5 crore by playing KBC Lottery 2024.
“There was a young man of 14 standing in front of me at the door when I entered.” I was there behind him, along with a boy of 18 years old, and then a man of 45 years stood behind me. Behind him stood a boy of 18. At that same instant, as I stood in the entranceway of a train coach, I realized how my entire life had been leading up to that point. I arrived here when I was 24, I took the same train to college when I was 18, and I arrived there when I was 14 years old. I did not want to be standing in the same spot when I was 45 years old.

When I reached that point, I made the decision that I wanted to get off the train.

Because of this, Vikram made the decision to take his life in a new and more significant direction. Big B was amazed by his intelligent responses as well as his engaging story.
The rollover competitor in KBC 14 decided not to continue playing after the question about the 75,000 rupees
Roll over candidate Vikram Khurana reached the hot seat on Monday’s episode of the quiz-based reality show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati,’ which is hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. The episode aired on Tuesday. On Monday, Vikram Khurana achieved a perfect score of six out of a possible seven questions, which earned him a prize of twenty thousand rupees. The game began on Tuesday with question number seven, which was asked by emcee Amitabh Bachchan. Through providing an accurate response to this question, Vikram Sawant was awarded 40,000 rupees. Following this, Vikram answered a number of questions accurately and with a great deal of insight, which earned him the prize of twelve lakhs and fifty thousand rupees.

A friend has exceeded the Rs. 25 lakh cutoff

After passing through the barrier of 12 million and fifty thousand rupees, the topic of 25 million rupees was brought up now. During this time, Vikram gave off the impression that he was quite perplexed because he did not know the appropriate response to the question. After some reflection on the situation, he decided to seek assistance from Phone A Friend Life Line. After this, the host Amitabh Bachchan suggested that Vikram’s buddy be called. During the subsequent video chat, Vikram questioned his friend about the answer to the issue, and his friend responded by providing him with 25 lakh rupees and providing complete assistance. After this, the topic of 50 lakhs was brought up, and Vikram, demonstrating once more that he understood, proceeded past this level as well.

What exactly was the point of 75 thousand rupees?

Now come to the matter of 75 lakhs, despite the fact that by the time they reached this round, all of their possible escape routes had already been exhausted. Amitabh Bachchan, the show’s host, posed a question to Vikram Khurana that was worth Rs 75 lakh.

When Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee brought the poetry of the Jnanpith winner on the very first Sada-e-Sarhad bus voyage to Lahore, who was the Jnanpith winner?

Option: A- Ali Sardar Jafri, B- Sumitranandan Pant. C- Shahryar, D- Firaq Gorakhpuri,
75 lakh rupees What was the appropriate response to the question that was asked?
Vikram Khurana didn’t really understand the response to this question, thus he was pretty bewildered. He was of the opinion that “Firaq Gorakhpuri” was the appropriate response to the inquiry. After that, he did not believe that it was appropriate to take the risk and he continued to play. At the same moment, the host Amitabh revealed the appropriate response to the question, which was option A, which indicated that Ali Sardar Jafri was the proper choice.