Amitabh Bachchan Discusses The Various Pastimes

Rollover candidate Surabhi Tripathi from Gujarat is featured at the beginning of the most recent episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 14, which aired recently. The game is kicked off by the host, Mr. Bachchan, and Surabhi is the first participant. She plays quickly and gets the following several questions right. She is unable to go past a question worth 80,000 points, so she uses her second lifeline to choose between two options. How many kilometres is a road that is 500 metres long if measured from end to end? With it, she is able to provide the correct answer, which is Option C) 0.5.

Big B reads her report card, and then during the course of the talk, Surabhi opens up about several amusing occurrences from her life, which causes the presenter to burst out laughing multiple times. She vents her frustrations to Mr. Bachchan about her father, and he responds by stating that his father will soon flee the scene since she is embarrassing him in front of the audience. Surabhi is presented with the following question, which is worth 1,60,000 points, but she is unable to answer it correctly. She requests the third and last ‘Gyanastra’ lifeline. She ventures a guess before moving on to the next question before she skips the question. KBC Check Lottery Online should be used by all the kbc customers.

Who is the most prominent religious figure to call Vatican City home? The correct selection is option B) The Pope. Space is a topic that Surabhi is interested in learning more about. She moves on to the following question, which she also answers perfectly, so earning 320,000 points and her first cheque. She makes advantage of the ‘Ask the Expert’ feature since she does not know the solution to a question worth 6,40,000 points. Which one of these, which is the largest active volcano on Earth, finally erupted in November 2024 after being dormant for more than three decades? The correct selection was Question Option B Mauna’s Loa.

Surabhi makes the decision to give up on the game because she is unable to figure out how to win 12,50,000 points. Who among these figures was responsible for establishing the “Bal Charkha Sangh” and the “Vanar Sena” when she was a child in order to assist the freedom struggle? The correct selection was choice (D), which referred to Indira Gandhi. Surabhi brings home Rs 6,40,000

At the same time that Surabhi left the competition, Big B began a new round of the fastest finger first round, and Aayansh Bhalotia made it to the hotseat. This took place in Kolkata, West Bengal. Aayansh is asked to solve the Rubik’s cube by Big Mr. Bachchan while the introduction is taking place, and he does so without any difficulty. The game begins with Big B and Aayansh, and as they are answering a question on Bollywood superstar Tiger Shroff, the host discloses that Jackie Shroff’s kid was born in front of him, and that Tiger has known him since he was a toddler. KBC Lottery Number 2024 can be checked on kbc official site

Big B begins the game with Aayansh. He has a great physique and is really attractive. He has always had a lot of flexibility and has been leaping ever since he was a kid, and now he jumps in movies “Jackei Shrof ky betay ka naam Tiger Shroff, sab ko hi maloom hy. Bohot tandarust hai. Un ki paidaaish humaare samne hi hui thi, chotu sy the itne, tab se kudi maar rahe hue, ab to bare ho gaye hen, filmon main kudi maar rahe hen. He looks very beautiful.”

Aayansh admits that he has seen Tiger’s Baaghi 3 between seven and eight times, and that on the occasions when he is not allowed to, he watches it in secret. The young competitor continues to provide accurate responses to questions and eventually reaches the first “Padaav” for 10,000. Between 1 and 9, approximately how many even numbers may be found? The appropriate response was choice (D), number 4.

Big B and Aayansh start chatting about the megastar, and Aayansh reveals that he did some research on the megastar before he came to the show, and that he has a few questions about him that he would want to ask. After that, he engages Amitabh Bachchan in a round of rapid fire questions regarding his life. The actor who plays Pink admits that his favourite toy from his childhood was a Gilli Danda and that he has no negative habits at all, other than making jokes about how he picks at his beard and how, when he was younger, he picked at his nose. KBC Check Lucky Draw List 2024 is about to announced so keep visiting the official site to get updated in next season.

The young competitors share that even he does not know a great deal of the names, but he does recognise a few of them. Big B is quick to remark that he has a great deal of admiration for Kylian Mbappé whenever Aayansh brings up the subject. It was said, “Mbappe, he’s a good player, woh accha hai, French team, kya bhagta hai yaar, kya speed hai uski, itni tez,” which translates to “he’s really fast.”

While attempting to answer for 6,40,000 points, Aayansh becomes frustrated. Which of these nations’ presidents makes their home in the Blue House, the official residence of the presidency? Because he is clueless, he consults the gyanastra lifeline for assistance. A moment before he chooses to skip the question, he selects Option D), Russia; however, the correct answer is B), South Korea.

His primary focus is on athletics, and he is curious about the answer to the following question: “Who was the player of the tournament at the 2024 T20 World Cup as well as the player of the Match in the final?” He gives the correct response, “Option D) Sam Curran,” and so earns 6,40,000 points.

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