Amitabh Bachchan discusses the circumstances surrounding a photograph

The fourteenth episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati begins with host Amitabh Bachchan playing the fastest finger first, and the contestant is Aaryav Shah from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He was shocked when his name was announced. He admits to Big B that he enjoys reading books and that he is familiar with both the Mahabharata and the Geeta. He admits to Mr. Bachchan that he would like to take over for him as the presenter of KBC, which leaves the megastar in disbelief. The game gets kicked off by Big B, and Aaryav’s antics keep the host entertained as he moves closer and closer to his first ‘Padaav.’ Which of these is not a popular fuel that is used to operate cars in India? After providing the correct response (Option B), he is awarded 10,000 points. KBC Lottery Winner 2024 will also get a chance to handshake with amitabh bachchan.

The chatty personality of Aaryav causes Big B to burst out in fits of laughter as he continues to talk in between questions and continues to answer even before the host can finish the questions. Aayrav had answered each of the earlier questions with self-assurance; but, he was unable to answer the question for 1,60,000 points. When did Brazil achieve its independence from another country, one that also boasts a renowned national football team? He adopts the Audience Poll method, chooses Option C), Portugal, and comes out on top.

After that, he spends 3,20,00 points on an attempt at the question, but he is unable to answer it, so he uses two lifelines in quick succession. What heavenly body is also known by the same name as the smallest bear in the world, which can be found in Southeast Asia? Even after utilising the 50-50 strategy, he seeks Gyanastra’s assistance because he is unsure about the correct response. The correct selection was option C) Sun. Big B changes the subject and asks a question about mythology, which is one of his primary areas of interest. Who among these Pandavas is also referred to as Dharmaraja, and who is known as Pandavsrestha? The correct response is C) Yudhishtir. After looking at the check for Rs 3,20,000, Aaryav feels an overwhelming sense of joy.

Amitabh Bachchan engages Aaryav in conversation and inquires as to the motivation for the latter’s desire to take over Bachchan’s hosting duties. The young competitor swiftly reacts by stating that it is a big deal to be a host of KBC and that the person gets high money, a good vanity van, and a limousine. They trade places, and when he takes the chair previously occupied by Big B, Mr. Bachchan’s report card is revealed to him. The famous person’s hobbies include consuming vada pav, watching football, and dressing in outrageous clothes, among other things. In addition, it is stated that he is offended by compliments; however, Aaryav reveals that this is not the case. Aaryav shows Big B a few images of him dressed in interesting attire. In one of the initial photographs, he can be seen sporting a wild and colourful headgear along with large glasses. All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2024 registration has opened through this kbc number 0019152084400.

The actor who plays Pink reveals that his granddaughter Aaradhya gave him the hat and goggles during the New Year’s celebration, and that he took a picture of himself wearing them later. Aaryav makes his way back to his seat, and they immediately begin the game. Following his victory of 6,40,000 points, he will now answer the question worth 12,50,000 points. However, because he is unable to provide a response, he decides to utilise his final available resource, which is titled “Ask the Expert.” Who among these bestselling authors of children’s books is also responsible for writing the screenplay for a James Bond movie? He provides an answer with the assistance of the lifeline. B) Roald Dahl.

Big B is impressed by Aaryav’s ability to answer the next question on his own without any assistance. In 1950, according to Guinness World Records, the city that hosted the exhibition of the world’s tallest cut Christmas tree was where? The young boy chooses Option A) Seattle, which earns him a total of 250,000 points.

He reads the question, which is worth 500,000 points, and prepares himself to answer it. Who among these players has not been in the batting lineup on each of the five days of a test match? As he does not know the solution, he makes the decision to end his participation in the game. The correct response was option (A), which referred to Mohinder Amarnath. KBC Lottery Winner List 2024 will be shown as soon as it announced by the KBC head office.

Aarayv takes home Rs 25,00,000. Prapti Sharma, who hails from Kolkata in the state of West Bengal, takes her place in the hot seat as Big B engages in yet another round of the game Fastest Finger First. Aaryav has just left the show. Prapti asks if she is allowed to call Big B “Baba,” the same way that she refers to her own grandfather. She mentions in her introduction that she is not a fan of home-cooked meals and that she eats at least three times per week in restaurants.

Prapti is inspired to pursue a career in the entertainment industry because she enjoys it so much when people ask for her autograph. The contestant reveals that Kiara Advani is her go-to choice for her favourite actress. Mr. Bachchan helps her get started with the game, and she breezes through it, answering all of the questions correctly and eventually reaching 5000 points. Which of these numbers, when multiplied by any natural integer, will never result in anything other than the response “zero”? The response from Prapti is Option D) 0

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